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Baby Lying Down

Infant Services

Developmental Play

We provide education and suggestions for age-appropriate developmental play ideas. It is essential for a baby to engage in play that is beneficial to reach their milestones.  

Visual Motor Skills

Hand-eye coordination and visual perceptual skills develop with exposure to appropriate play and environmental experiences. Is your baby tracking toys, bringing hands and feet to their mouth, reaching for toys? 


Proper positioning and adequate tummy time are absolutely necessary for the baby to be able to strengthen, weight shift, and prevent the need for helmets or neck alignment issues such as torticollis, in addition to overall gross and fine motor development.

Fine Motor Development

Fine motor skill delays including immature grasp, and bilateral coordination (using both hands  together) can impact so many areas of life including dressing, eating and coloring skills. 

Sensory Concerns

Is your baby having trouble self-soothing, being overly irritable, or responding less than expected or stronger than expected to sensory input such as noise, touch,  or oral input?  Feeding and sleep issues can also be impacted by sensory concerns.

Gross Motor Skills 

Each developmental milestone is achieved by meeting previous milestones. Delay or skipping milestones, especially crawling can impact so many areas down the road. 

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